Transformational Change

Tapit Partners is a group of C-level executives with experience that spans a wide range of industries and nearly every functional area. Our focus is on helping our clients tackle the big issues — the bigger, the better.

We have run large organizations, and launched and guided startups in Silicon Valley. And we've all had to make payroll.

We have learned what it takes to successfully conquer new markets, and remain fully engaged with the leading edge of both technology and market evolution. We've also learned how to effect fundamental change in large organizations.

We go deep to ferret out root causes and new opportunities. Our preferred role is temporary and advisory, helping senior management and their teams revamp their culture and develop new ways of thinking so they can truly change course.

In virtually every engagement we find that the client has great people with real passion for the organization. But we also find that they are too steeped in the old way of thinking to break from it without help, or too overwhelmed with execution tasks to think strategically, or (usually) both.

We always help.

If you think your company might benefit from our expertise, let's talk.

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